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Lunch:  Mon to Fri
   11.00 am to 2.30 pm
Dinner:  Mon to Thurs
   5.00 pm to 9.00 pm
   Fri & Sat
   5.00 pm to 10.00 pm
KamiKazi 12.95 (S9) Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, Avo. roll w. Salmon, Unagi & Tobico topping
Nilgiri Sushi(2pcs)
* Sashimi(3 pcs.) extra $1.75, excluding Ama Ebi & Uni *
  Ama Ebi   6.95 (N1)
  Raw Sweet Shrimp w. Fried Head  
  Anago   4.95 (N2)
  Sea Eel  
  Ebi   4.35 (N3)
  Steamed Shrimp  
  Hamachi   5.25 (N4)
  Yellow Tail  
  Hirame   4.95 (N5)
  Hokkigai   4.45 (N6)
  Surf Clam  
  Ika   4.45 (N7)
  Ikura   4.95 (N8)
  Salmon Roe  
  Iku-Dama  6.95 (N9)
  Ikura with Quail Egg  
  Inari   4.25(N10)
  Fried Bean Curd  
  Kani   3.95 (N11)
  Crab Meat  
  Kani II   5.95 (N12)
  Real Crab Meat  
  Maguro   5.15 (N13)
  Cajun Tuna  4.95 (N14)
  Cajun Seared Tuna  
  Albacore Tuna  4.95 (N15)
  White Tuna  4.95 (N16)
  Mackerel   4.75 (N17)
  Smelt Roe     4.50 (N18)
  Sake   4.75 (N19)
  Smoked Salmon  4.75 (N20)
  Suzuki   4.65 (N21)
  Striped Bass  
  Kaibashira  4.55 (N22)
  Taco  4.95 (N23)
  (Steamed Octopus)  
  Tai   4.25 (N24)
  Red Snapper  
  Tamago  3.75 (N25)
  Cooked Egg  
  Tobico   4.75 (N26)
  Flying Fish Egg  
  Tobi-Dama   6.75 (N27)
  Tobico with Quail Egg  
  Unagi  4.95 (N28)
  Fresh Water Eel  
  Uni  11.50 (N29)
  Sea Urchin  
  Sashimi Appetizer ~6 pcs.~  
  Yellw Tail  14.95 (A1)
  Tuna  14.95 (A1)  
  White/Albacore/Cajun Tuna or Halibut  13.95 (A1)  
  Sake (Salmon), Saba or Suzuki  13.95 (A1)  
  Sashimi Sampler  14.95 (A2)  
  Tuna, Sake & Hamachi,  2pcs. each  
  Sushi Sampler  12.95 (A3)  
  Tuna, Sake, Hamachi, Suzuki, Ebi & Tai  
  Krispy Red Snapper   8.95 (A6)  
  Fried Red Snapper  
  Ahi Salad   9.95 (A7)
  Spicy Tuna Sushi wrapped in Lettuce  
  Sunomono Salad   5.00 (A8)

Cucumber Salad w. Ponzu Sauce - With Octopus, Shrimp or Crab extra $2.95

California   5.35 (R1)
Crab & Avocado roll  
California Deluxe   7.65 (R2)
Cali.  w. Unagi topping  
Golden   6.45 (R3)
Cali.  w. Masago topping  
Spicy California   5.95 (R4)
Cherry Blossom   9.95 (R5)
Tuna, Salmon on Cali  
Crazy Horse   8.95 (R6)
Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon & Avocado  
Eskimo Roll   6.25 (R7)
Avocado & Cucumber Roll with Crab Meat topping  
E.T. Roll   7.95 (R8)
Cali. with Eel & Tuna topping  
Hamachi   5.75 (R9)
Yellow Tail & Green Onion  
Spicy Yellow Tail   5.99 (R10)
Krispy   8.95 (R11)
Deep-fried Tuna, Hamachi & Salmon  
Rainbow 11.95 (R12)
Assorted Fish over California roll  
Salmon   5.55
Salmon Skin   5.95 (R13)
Baked Salmon Skin Roll  
Spicy Salmon   5.75 (R14)
Spicy Tuna   5.75 (R15)
Spicy Tuna Tempura   6.95 (R16)
Fried Spicy Tuna Roll  
Spider   7.95 (R17
Fried Soft Shell Crab roll  
Tekka   5.75 (R18)
Tuna Roll  
Shrimp Tempura   6.95 (R19)
Fried shrimp roll  
Crunch Shrimp   6.95 (R20)
Shrimp Temp. roll w. Crumb  
Spicy Shrimp   7.45 (R21)
Unagi   6.95 (R22)
(Baked Fresh Water Eel  roll)  
Una Tempura   8.25 (R23)
 (Tempura roll with Unagi)  
- Not all ingredients of rolls are described, please let us know if you are allergic to certain foods.
- All substitutions are subject to price increases. - Some sauces contain Gluten and dairy product.
AI Roll   9.75 (H1)
Baked Asparagus, Bacon roll w. Salmon  topping  
Bronco   9.25 (H2)
Soft Shell Crab, Eel, Avocado w. Tobico topping  
Avalanche I   8.99 (H3)
Fried + baked Salmon, Cream cheese, Cucumber Roll  w. Tobico topping(I,II,III)  
Avalanche II   8.99 (H4)
Aval. with Spicy Tuna inside  
Avalanche III   8.99 (H5)
Aval. with Scallop inside  
NY NY   10.25 (H7)
Asparagus, Cream Cheese, Cucumber roll w. Salmom & Tuna  topping  
Volcano   6.95 (H8)
Fried Spicy Tuna roll  
Buffalo   7.85 (H9)
Spicy Tuna roll w. Avocado topping  
Samurai 12.95(H10)
Shrimp temp. w. Tuna, Salmon & Unagi  
Black Jack 14.95(H11)
Cali. roll w. Whole Unagi topping  
GoG   9.95 (H12)
Unagi, Egg, Cucumber roll  Avo. & Strawberry topping  
New! Centennial 11.95 (H13)
Fried Soft Shell Crab roll w. Unagi and Hamachi topping  
Philly   6.55 (H14)
Salmon and Cream Cheese roll  
Alaska   6.95 (H15)
Smoked Salmon and Avocado roll  
Calamari Tempura   6.50 (H16)
Fried Squid  roll  
Bettina   9.95 (H17)
Shrimp temp. & Avo. w. Spicy Tuna topping  
Crazy Spicy   8.95 (H18)
Fried Crab, Avocado and Spicy tuna  
Yummy Yummy 11.95 (H19)
Shrimp tempura, Avocado, Cream cheese Roll with Salmon topping  
Monkey Brain   8.75 (H20)
- Crab, Spicy Tuna stuffed in  Avocado  
Caterpillar   8.95 (H21)
Unagi, Cucumber Roll  w. Avo. topping  
Vegas Roll   8.95 (H22)
Fried  Salmon, Cream Cheese & Avo. Roll  
Super Spider 10.95 (H23)
Soft Shell Crab, Shrimp Temp., Crab Meat, Avocado & Cucumber roll  
Shogun Roll   8.95 (H24)
Shrimp Temp., Tuna, Crab, Cucumber & Avocado roll with Masago topping  

Koala Roll

16.95 (H25)
Whole Fresh Water Eel on top of Shrimp Temp. roll  
S.B.C. Roll   8.95 (H27)
Baked Scallops on Cali. roll  
Ttunacado   8.95 (H29)
Spicy Tuna roll w.  White Tuna & Avocado topping  
Pop Corn Scallop   9.25 (H30)
Fried Scallops on top of California roll  
Avocado Roll(V1) / Asparagus Roll(V2)   4.95 each
Crop Burning   5.75 (V3)
Avocado, Cucumber & Spicy Shitake Mushroom roll  
FutoMaki   6.95 (V4)
Vegetables & Tamago roll  
House Veggie Roll   6.95 (V5)
Asparagus, Gobo, Ganpyo Avocado, Oshinko & Cucumber roll  
Kappa   4.75 (V6)
Tasty and refreshing Cucumber roll  
Veggie Tempura   6.95 (V7)
Fried Vegetable roll  
The Guido   5.95 (V8)
Avocado, Cream Cheese & Almond roll  
Oshinko Roll(V9) / Kanpyo Roll(V10)   4.95 each
Heart Attack   8.95 (S1)
Fried Jalapeno stuffed with Crab & Spicy Tuna  
Rock’n Roll   10.95 (H28)
Spicy Tuna w. Tuna topping    
I ♥ Salmon 15.95 (S7)
Salmon & Smoked Salmon nigiri and Avocado & Cucumber roll with Salmon topping  
HandRoll Combo 14.95 (S8)
3  from Cali. Hamachi, Shrimp Temp., Salmon Skin, Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna, & Unagi  
Tuna Festival Combo 13.95 (S2)
Combo. of Tuna, Cajun Tuna, Albacore & White Tuna nigiri & Spicy Tuna roll  
Rocky Mt. Roll 16.95(S3)
Breaded Calamari with Real Crab Cherry Blossom roll  
Denver Nuggets Roll 11.95 (S4)
Crab, Tuna, Shrimp Temp. roll w. Spicy Tuna toppin  
Flaming Lobster Roll 14.95 (S5)
Real Crab & Lobster w. Avocado topping + FIRE!  


Spicy Tuna, Cream Cheese & Asparagus roll w. Salmon topping   
Argyle 12.95 (S8)
Shrimp Tempura, Cream Cheese, Jalapeno roll w. Smoked Salmon topping  
KamiKazi 12.95 (S9)
Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, Avo. roll w. Salmon, Unagi & Tobico  topping  
Tuna salad 16.55
-Cajun Tuna salad w. seaweed salad & ponzu sauce  

- Prices are subject to price increases.

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